Identification of Psychotria species

Psychotira is one of the largest plant generas with 1,582 species. Identification can be tricky but here's some easy ways to identify the ones that we sell. Species to be added: P. poepegiana, P. colorata, P. horizontallis, P. nervosa, P. ligustrifolia

P. viridis Ruiz & Pav.
This plant has several identifying characteristics, the most obvious characteristic is its flower and seed arrangement. They are sparsely arranged on a long panicle shown in this photo in an excurrent shape.

One of the next identifying features is the presence of domatia on the midrib on the backside of the leaf shown here. 

Leafs are opposite arranged presence of stipules produced in pairs. Leaf shape is a cunate base with generally elliptic blades born from short petioles near sessile. 

Psychotria carthagensis syn. alba 
This plant is not as easy to identify but the flower and berry arrangement are dead giveaway characteristics. The flower arrangement is on a short panicle with an decurrent arrangement

Leafs are opposite and appear very similar to viridis, however alba tends to undulate on the margin more. They also lack domatia on the midrib on the backside of the leaf.